Regan and Brett are both from Texas who are in FL for college.  Their romantic love story began in the 8th grade when they became boyfriend and girlfriend.  Like most young loves, they parted ways.  It was later in college that their love was rekindled and would soon turn into an engagement. I had such a fun time with these Texans. We joked about being from the south.  Brett lived in Auburn, AL for a little while which is close to where I grew up and home to the infamous Auburn University. We talked about the football obsession in AL and laughed about our rivalry.  Brett and Regan decided on Hollis Gardens for their engagement session. The weather gave us a scare but the beautiful cloud clover with soft natural light made for some perfectly romantic moments.  Brett and Regan are beautiful people and I was honored to get to photograph this special time in their lives.





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  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful and sweet couple!! I loved them all 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Love them so much Brett and Regan!!!

  3. These are stunning and ya’ll are precious! So excited for you!!

  4. They are both wonderful people and this is a stunning engagement shoot! Love it

  5. These are beautiful! I love the location. Stunning couple and photos!

  6. Love yall!!! Sooo happy for the both of you!!
    You were made for each other.

  7. Perfect and Good Looking couple!

  8. These are incredible! Such a beautiful couple!

  9. Gorgeous pictures of an even more beautiful couple! Love you both, very excited for you!

  10. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful couple … inside and out. 🙂

  11. These are so sweet! You guys are glowing! 🙂

  12. I love these pictures and them! They are just beautiful people inside and out!

  13. Love these photos–and the dress 🙂

  14. Beautiful pictures! Blessings to you both!

  15. wow! these are so nice! great quality!

  16. the pictures are beautiful!!!

  17. Beautiful couple Love the pictures

  18. Beautiful pictures!! So happy for both of you.

  19. So happy for these two, and these are WONDERFUL pictures!

  20. These pictures are great!! So happy for the both of them! (:

  21. Stunning. These pictures made me smile.

  22. Beautiful photos of two big blessings in my life! Love you!

  23. stunning pictures of a lovely couple!

  24. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

  25. What a gorgeous setting for the pictures! They are beautiful! Congratulations!!

  26. Love all the pictures! Congrats! 🙂

  27. Gorgeous! I just love this couple so much <3

  28. Such a sweet couple and great pics!!

  29. Congratulations sheri great pics

  30. Y’all are just precious!!! Love the beautiful pictures !

  31. Wow! May God and His wisdom lead your journey. Congrats!

  32. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! 🙂 So happy for the Mauck family!!!

  33. What a cute couple! – Great pictures.

  34. Best of luck as you two prepare to start your lives together! 🙂 Great Pictures!

  35. Absolutely beautiful! We are so happy for both of you. Love you guys!

  36. Regan and Brett, we all knew y’all would look good in your photos. But, seriously. So timeless and elegant!

  37. What a sweet couple!!! Love this location!

  38. Loved everything about them and both of you! Good times ahead!

  39. You guys are beautiful. These are some of the best engagement pics I’ve seen. congratulations!

  40. Oh my gosh! Love the architecture and the images!

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